The River Soundwalk

John Sperr, a member of the Hudson River Ice Yacht club, and one of the voices featured in this walk. Photo courtesy John Fasulo

Not that long ago, one could find the fastest vehicles on the planet on the Hudson River: ice yachts, which reach speeds of nearly 80 miles per hour.  At the turn of the nineteenth century, the sport regularly drew thousands of spectators to the frozen river to watch races.  Today, ice yachting is carried on by a hearty few. 

In this walk, you'll hear about ice yachts from those who are working to keep this tradition alive—the members of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club.

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This soundwalk is meant to be heard on the Walkway on the Hudson, a pedestrian bridge in Poughkeepsie that was once a railway over the river.  (However, if you can't travel to the Walkway, you can still enjoy the walk.  We recommend listening while walking along the Hudson—or any river.) 

The Walkway—and the Soundwalk—begin at 64 Parker Ave, in Poughkeepsie. 


This soundwalk is to be used only with the express understanding that the makers, producers, 
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