The Lake Soundwalk

The remains of industry on Bantam Lake.

The remains of industry on Bantam Lake.

Before refrigerators, there was ice.  It sustained dairy farms through the summer.  Everyone had an ice box to keep their food cold.  And as cities grew, demand for ice created a huge business. 

On Bantam Lake in Connecticut, the remains of this industry are hiding in plain sight. 

In this walk, you'll tour the ruins of a major ice-harvesting operation, hear stories from those who remember cutting ice, encounter a mechanism called "The Endless Chain" and learn what happened to the ice trade. 

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This soundwalk is meant to be heard on the Lake Trail on Bantam Lake, located on the White Memorial Foundation in Litchfield, Connecticut. walk.  (But if you can't make the trip, you can still enjoy the walk; we recommend listening while walking along any lake or body of water near you. Or else you can use the slide show above.) 

The Memorial is located at 80 Whitehall Road in Litchfield; once you're there, find the trailhead for the Lake Trail. 


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